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Holly Hospital Manager at Holladay Veterinary Hospital in Salt Lake City

Holly - Hospital Manager

Holly has been a part of the Holladay Veterinary since 1998. Starting out as a receptionist and then promoting to Office Manager, she took a break for 3 years to learn the grooming trade. As of 2009 she returned to the role of Office Manager. She considers Holladay Veterinary Hospital her second home and thoroughly enjoys the doctors and staff that she gets to spend so much time with.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Holly earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Utah where she also played volleyball. Active in sports throughout her life, she now enjoys skiing and playing basketball with her family. Holly shares her home with her husband, two children, and a yorkie mix named Cookie.

Client Service Representatives

Emily Adamson

Emily Lechtenberg of Holladay Veterinary Hospital in Salt Lake City I have been working at Holladay Vet since May of 2013. However, to me it's not work, I'm doing what I want to do and it's very rewarding to work with the staff and clients. I have loved being here! It's something I have always wanted to do. Working with people and their pets is the best of both worlds. What I like about Holladay is everyone is so welcoming and kind hearted. Our hospital creates a pleasant atmosphere, one that makes you want to come back. And that's why I think of our hospital as a second home.

I have a Newfoundland, a Min Pin and Two Ferrets. I love to take my dogs everywhere with me—from dog parks, to boating, to the mountains—we are always on an adventure together. As for me I enjoy all animals, being active outside, and drinking chocolate milk. One of my favorite quotes says, "There are no bad days when you come home to a dogs love."

Jen Edgel

Jen Nichols of Holladay Veterinary Hospital in Salt Lake CityWorking with animals has always been my lifelong passion. I grew up with a Yorkshire terrier, Russian blue cat, green anole lizards, beta fish, and leopard frogs. I started at Holladay Veterinary Hospital as an Intern during High School in 2011 and have been here ever since. My love for the field grew during this time so I focused my energies on learning about animals and their behavior. I recently received my Bachelor’s degree in Zoology with a minor in Psychology from Weber State University and earlier completed Veterinary Assisting and Technician courses at Granite Technical Institute. I have loved the amazing patients and clients I get to work with at Holladay Veterinary Hospital. Outside of helping animals at the clinic, I enjoy enjoy spending time with my husband and yorkie mix, volunteering at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, being outdoors, painting, and playing basketball.

Brittany Feala

Holladay Veterinary Hospital receptionist Brittany FealaIt has always been in my blood to work in the medical industry and to help others, with my mom being a registered nurse and my dad a firefighter. However I never really wanted to work in human medicine. I grew up with a menagerie of pets. Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, gerbils, hamsters, mice, chickens and one gorgeous Arabian horse. And so began my dream to be a veterinarian and then a horse trainer, then a horse stunt rider and then a veterinary technician. But the world wasn’t ready for me to begin that work yet. Instead i had two beautiful children that are my whole heart. Now, as my children have grown some and I reentered the workplace I decided to follow my dream and work with animals. I love working here at Holladay vet and taking care of all the sweet pets and their owners that walk through the doors. When I’m not at work I’m usually in the summer mountains fishing and camping with my 2 kids, husband, flat coated retriever, and husky/malamute. Typically we leave the cat at home. When I’m stuck inside you will find me Olympic weightlifting, binge watching Netflix or studying for my veterinary technician certification.

Alex Jensen

Alex Jensen of Holladay Veterinary Hospital in Salt Lake CityI have been working for Holladay Veterinary Hospital since August 2016. Currently I am pursuing a degree in Social Work. I have been around furry family members since I was born, in fact I often claim to have been raised by dogs because when I was a child, I spent almost all of my time in the backyard being watched closely by our pointer, Blue, and two Labradors, Kahlua and Buck. With a passion for both people and animals, working as a receptionist is a perfect fit!

When not at work, I enjoy hiking, photography, and spending time with my family. Most of the time I’m at home cuddling with my two dogs, Emery and Addy.

Traci Murphy

Traci Murphy of Holladay Veterinary Hospital in Salt Lake CityI was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I started my animal career at age 15 when I volunteered at a local equestrian center. I remained there for eight years and eventually became barn manager and learned various skills including horse care, mustang training and teaching hunter jumper lessons to young riders. A job offer at Salt Lake County Animal Services pulled me away from horses and I stayed there for the next 5 years. Here I was an Animal Care Specialist, learning how to care for stray animals and prepare them for adoption. During this time the shelter was not a no-kill shelter, and I made the difficult decision to leave as I felt that I was suffering from Compassion Fatigue. I was able to find a job at a veterinary hospital in North Salt Lake and remained there for the next 8 years. I worked my way up from kennel tech, to receptionist and finally to Office Manager, learning the ways of running a veterinary hospital. Eventually I wanted something closer to home and I discovered Holladay Veterinary Hospital. I have been very happy as a Client Service Rep for the past two years.

When I’m not working, I am busy raising my daughter and discovering all the surprises that come with being a parent. I am also a cat mom to Tom Tom.

Kali Pearl

I was born in El Salvador, San Salvador. At the age of 7 months I was adopted by Jim and Debra Pearl and brought home to Salt Lake City. I have loved animals from a young age and have had many different pets growing up. When I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian, but my passion moved to art and I wanted to become an illustrator. After graduating form East High School I attended college at the Academy Art of San Francisco for a year. I have been very fortunate to travel the world with my family and have seen so many great places. In my free time I love to keep up on my art work, practice calligraphy, hang out with family and friends and of course snuggle with my cute dog Roxi. I have been with Holladay Vet since 2015 and I love working with our clients and their pets.

Jessi Poulson

Jessi Poulson of Holladay Veterinary HospitalI've been with Holladay Veterinary Hospital (HVH) since August of 2015, and it was the best decision I made to apply! I am an aspiring veterinarian myself, so I hit the jackpot with so many awesome vets and techs to learn from. I plan on specializing on more holistic care as a veterinarian, and maybe also going in to more large animals. I currently am going to the University of Utah for my undergrad in Pre-vet Biology, then to veterinary school (wish me luck) and beyond! At HVH, I am constantly learning and experiencing new things, and I also get the wonderful chance of meeting and talking to amazing owners with their adorable pets. I have loved animals all my life and I find medicine fascinating, so it only made sense to combine the two. Smartest decision ever. I have one tuxedo cat named Toothless who is aptly named after the movie, How to Train Your Dragon, because of his qualities and having broken tooth as a kitten when I got him. I plan on having many more animals of all shapes and sizes.

Isaac Ralphs

Holladay Veterinary Hospital receptionist Isaac RalphsA lifelong resident of Holladay, Utah Isaac recently finished a degree in philosophy from the University of Utah and is aspiring to be a wonderful person. He enjoys all animals, but doesn't necessarily enjoy eating them. When he is not assisting at work, he can be found either at the local Barnes and Nobles perusing through strange and unpopular titles, or at our neighboring Holladay Lions Recreation Center fraternizing with the fascinating golden aged crowd. He is a surprisingly interesting individual by all accounts. To anyone that might inquire, I surely would recommend getting to know him.

Edie Peterson

Holladay Veterinary Hospital receptionist Edie PetersonAnimals have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my house was always filled with cats, dogs, rodents, fish, birds, and even reptiles. I have always been fascinated with the medical side of things, and was actually Pre-Med for my first two years of college. I realized eventually that I just really wanted to help animals, so I switched to a Pre-Veterinary program. I got into the animal welfare and rescue side of things with an internship at Best Friends in Kanab, Utah, which even further strengthened the idea that this was my calling in life. I am currently attending the University of Utah for a degree in Biology, and then heading off to vet school, and working here at Holladay Veterinary Hospital in the meantime! When I'm not at school or at work, you can probably find me hiking in the mountains or the desert, playing lacrosse, doing arts and crafts, baking, binging Game of Thrones, or hanging out with my dogs, cats, and/or bunny. Working in this amazing clinic with all its amazing staff, clients, and (of course) patients has taught me so much and I am looking forward to my future here!

Crystal Peterson

Holladay Veterinary Hospital receptionist Crystal PetersonHello! I am Crystal Peterson. I have super curly, short hair and often seen working on the weekends right now! I started working for Holladay Veterinary Hospital in September 2014. Previous to this I worked in Pubic Safety for many years. I finally decided to make a career change and since I was a little girl I had always wanted to become a Veterinarian. I love animals and medicine, which led me to Holladay. I have found over the past few years that I truly love the people who bring their "family" members in to our hospital!

Outside of working, my husband and I enjoy being outdoors, walking or hiking with the dogs, going on long vacations to see new things and camping! Pretty much anything we can do with the kids. We have two awesome kids (dogs)! Fitz, a black and tan Min Pin/Chihuahua, who is our three legged, one eared (cancer sucks) ball of terror (usually just when his mom is with him)! Livy, a fawn "chiweenie" who we took in after she had been hit by a car and about to be euthanized. Since having her pelvis pinned and plated back together, she has become our parkour maniac and the biggest character of a dog we've ever had! I am drawn to special needs pets because they often get overlooked and can be expensive to take care of for life. My motto: "pets are the best medicine"!

Vet Techs

Kim Gardner

Kim Gardner of Holladay Veterinary Hospital in Salt Lake CityLike many little girls, I dreamed of being a veterinarian one day. Growing up a military brat we moved a lot up and down the West Coast. As a result, long distance friendships often didn’t last. So, I sought solace in the companionship of my pets and devoted my time learning how to care for them.

In 1999 I got the chance to realize my childhood dream of working in a veterinary clinic starting out as a Veterinary Technician Assistant. Then being promoted to Veterinary Technician. Over time I came to realize that the nursing aspect of veterinary medicine is my true passion. I studied Veterinary Technology at Salt Lake Community College and went on to earn my License in Veterinary Technology in 2008. During my time as a Veterinary Technician I have had the great privilege of working alongside and be mentored by some of the best Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians in our field. I have also formed lasting bonds with my patients and their incredible owners whom have entrusted me with the care of their beloved pets. I have worked in small and exotic animal general practice, orthopedics, oncology, emergency medicine, was an adjunct professor of veterinary technology and continue to volunteer in shelter medicine.

I joined the staff at Holladay Veterinary Hospital part-time in September 2015. I absolutely love being a part of the Holladay family because it really is just that, a family. While I wish I could be with my work family more, I spend my time with my husband and two young children making memories at home and in nature with our mutant corgi and two mature girl cats. Because eighteen summers is all we get.

Sylvia Gillespie

Sylvia Gillespie of Holladay Veterinary Hospital in Salt Lake CityBio coming soon

Megan Parker

Holladay Veterinary Hospital Vet Tech Megan ParkerOne of my very first memories as a child is bottle feeding a small, orange kitten (who would later become mine) and his siblings. I loved that feeling & at that young age, I already knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have since then bottle fed countless kittens and have rescued, and loved, many four-legged creatures with the help and knowledge from my wonderful mother who also works in the veterinary field. Watching and admiring her do what she did through my childhood, only reaffirmed my desire of what I wanted to do as an adult now. I started in the boarding kennels of Central Valley Veterinary Hospital when I was fifteen. I grew up in those walls watching my mother work as a child, so the staff there already was family. I very much enjoyed working with, and taking care of, the animals that were boarded there. My passion quickly grew into helping the technicians in the hospital ward of the clinic. After many years of learning from my mother, the senior technicians, and continued education classes, I was finally a technician myself at nineteen. When we transitioned into Holladay Veterinary Hospital, it felt like things only got better from there. It has expanded my knowledge in the field, my two-legged & four-legged family, and my love for working with people and their fur babies. In my spare time I enjoy reading, being out in sunshine, hanging out with my herd of animals, and visiting new states whenever possible.

Emilie Peterson

Emilie Peterson of Holladay Veterinary Hospital in Salt Lake City

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to take care of animals. In high school, I volunteered at Central Valley Veterinary Hospital. Immediately I knew I was in the right place. Growing up, all I had was an aquarium, but that changed when a homely kitten being fostered at Central needed a home. She moved right into my heart, and I moved out of the house, thus starting my family of rescued furry kids. I was hired as a kennel kid at Central and eventually worked emergency and general practice as a technician, learning everything I know by watching and doing. I learned from and worked beside some of the most tender hearted, devoted, and brilliant minded in the field, including Dr. Susan McDonald, Dr. Richard Pratt, Dr. Laura McLain, and Dr. Kristen Blum. After 13 years, I had an opportunity to take an ophthalmic tech position at Eye Care for Animals. Over 2 ½ years I developed a knowledge of eye health and diseases that affect the overall health and behavior of animals. During that time I began working part time at Holladay Veterinary Hospital, I missed the relationship I had with general practice, and how rewarding it was! I started working full time in April 2013 and have loved every moment spent with coworkers, reminiscing with longtime clients and their pets, and meeting so many new! Each day is filled with educating clients, helping their pets, and that sense of relief that comes with knowing we can make a difference.

When I’m home, I love to cook, chase my toddler around, spend quality time with my husband, and get as much together time with family and friends. And of course snuggle with my own dog Zinnie and three cats, Audrey, Milla, and Wesley!

Kati Santiago

Kati Santiago of Holladay Veterinary Hospital in Salt Lake CityA little bit about myself… I was born and raised in Northern Nevada in a small ranching community. We always had animals of all kinds – dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and sheep. The family next to us raised mink, chinchilla, pheasant, quail, and milk cows which I also helped to care for, and my grandmother had a huge old land tortoise, a skunk, some really mean geese, and a duck. Growing up in that atmosphere was amazing – always something interesting to do and learn. I don’t ever remember not wanting to work with animals.

Because life sometimes dictates to you, I worked for stock brokerages for many years, went on to obtain my Paralegal Degree, and FINALLY my Veterinary Technician degree. I graduated with honors in July of 2010 from Broadview University. One of my required classes for school was to serve an externship. I choose to serve this at Central Valley Emergency and Veterinary Hospital. I absolutely loved being there. As luck would have it, they liked me too and when I graduated they asked me to stay on. I was honored to do so, and was equally as happy to stay on and become one of the Holladay Veterinary Hospital technicians. I am thrilled to work with such amazing veterinarians and fellow technicians. I learn something new every day and that can’t be beat.

Although I got a late start in the veterinary world, I always had a house full of animals and pets. I’ve had 15 cats, not counting the barn kitties, and 13 dogs, 8 salt-water fish, a donkey named Sugar, 3 horses – Cherokee, Honey and Chho, and 2 Budgies in my lifetime, so far. Besides being companion animals, my dogs and I have enjoyed training for K-9 Agility Trials and Obedience, making many great friends. I also work closely with a fabulous rescue group called “Canines with a Cause” (CWAC). They rescue capable, healthy, loving dogs from shelters, train them, and place them with a Veteran of War. CWAC recently started a project of rescuing these dogs and placing them with female inmates in the Utah Correction system and having the woman train the basic manners. A win/win/win situation – the dogs, the inmates, and the veterans all win.

My next adventure is to have my own rescue focusing on senior dogs.